Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

Jacob Portman, a 16 year old boy, travels to Wales to find out the truth of his grandfather's past. Growing up with his grandfather telling him stories about his childhood he thought it was all fairy tales, until one day his grandfather gets murdered and he is convinced he saw one of the ghouls in the stories looking at him from the distance. On the little island of Wales Jacob discovers a whole new world. 

I started reading this book at night with just a little lamp on in the room and it creeped the hell out of me, mainly because of the pictures. Yep, this book has pictures in it. Ransom Riggs - the author of the book - collected old photographs originally to be used as a children's picture book. Instead he used the photographs as a guide to put together a narrative. I like the way Riggs has written the book, when he introduces a new character on the next page there will be an old photograph showing you what they are supposed to look like instead of you imagining it. 

See, these are some pretty creepy pictures, If he had gone with his original idea of making a whole book of these for children I think they would have had nightmares.

When I was reading the book I thought that the author must have taken these pictures and then done some fancy editing because some other pictures in the book are just plain weird but apparently they're the real deal. So it makes you wonder what kind of mysterious people were about in the olden days, and maybe still are! I mean you just have to look at the front of the book and see that the little girl is floating. Whats going on there?!

I give this book top marks and encourage you to go out and read it for yourself!!

Signing out, Kim! xxx


  1. I really want to read this book! It sounds like an interesting read.

    Monica x

    1. It is! the pictures are what makes it reeally interesting xx