Sunday, 10 March 2013

Little cinnamon doughy goodness

 In one of my last posts I talked about how I'm trying to eat all healthy and trying to swerve sugar wherever I can but as soon as I saw this recipe I HAD to make them. There was no two ways about it really. These are so mouth-wateringly delicious. I thought these would turn out to be a spongy muffiny type of consistency, but they ended up being more like a mini doughnut. Which was a nice surprise, cause really who don't like doughnuts? 

They are soo simple to make, I took the recipe from - HERE  - Honestly, I had all the ingredients already in my cupboard. These could be made for any occasion, whether you're going to a little get together with friends, at a girly sleepover, picnic. Basically anywhere you can eat, there don't need to be a specific occasion to whip these babies up. Although if you do need to justify to yourself about consuming this much sugar then today is a pretty good day, seeing as its mothers day. You can bake a batch and give it to your lovely mum, while scoffing a few when shes not looking.

I hope that everyone who is lucky enough to share this day with their mum is showering them with love and doing all the housework for her!!

I just wanted to say, Happy Mothers day mum, I honestly couldn't ask for a better mum than you!! Love ya xxxxxx 


  1. Hi
    They look seriously delish! glad you had fun with your mum :)

    1. They really were, i've been tempted to make them everyday since, but I need to learn a bit of self control lol xx

  2. they look sooo good! I followed you, love your blog! xx