Saturday, 11 May 2013

Healthy Banana Pancakes!

I discovered this recipe whilst working out to blogilates on YouTube. I'm sure everyone and their Grandma has heard about blogilates but if you haven't its this woman that does tough but fun workout routines. If you haven't already seen her, by clicking - HERE - it will take you to her YouTube page. Anyway when I was doing one of her bum exercises she mentioned these Banana Pancakes. 

Two eggs and a banana is literally all you need. No Sugar or flower or butter. I think these are a perfect snack throughout the day to replace cookies or after dinner for a dessert.

All you do is mash up the banana in a jug then add the two eggs and stir in. It will be quite a lumpy consistency and when you turn them over in the pan they're bit more soft and floppy, but overall they taste actually quite nice, you can really taste the banana as well. I splashed a little bit of olive oil in the pan so they don't stick.
I 'spose the ice cream and syrup added to them afterwords wont make them all that healthy but I only do that once in a while. ;)

I've recently taking a bit of a hiatus from blogging because I've been so busy at college but hopefully I should be up and posting random things again soon. 

Signing out, Kim! xxx


  1. Oh my gosh. YUM!

    I'm now pressing follow, okay so perhaps not now but afterward I've written this comment!

    If you fancy popping over I'm currently running a MAC giveaway on my beauty blog, I won't spam you with links as I'm sure you can hunt it down if you want ;)

    Looking forward to reading your future posts, you have fabby style Missy!

  2. ohh I never knew about these, going to have to try them!
    Great blog, following,
    check out mine and maybe if you like it follow me back?

    1. They are very nice, although I will admit not as nice as normal pancakes but a great alternative if your trying to be a little more health conscious. Thank you! Definitely, i'll check yours out. xx

  3. These look so tasty! :)

    Kelly xx

  4. Awesome post! I love blogilaties, how does that women make work outs fun?? I'll never know but I don't protest haha. I'll have to give these pancakes a go they look delicious

    maddie x x x

    1. haha right? and how she just casually talks through the workout while i'm lying on the floor in pain haha, thanks for following! xx