Friday, 5 July 2013

Picnic Dress

Today i'm going to a friends birthday picnic and I thought I'd show you what i'm wearing. I got this dress in the New Look sales last year so I'm not sure if they still sell it but you can check if you want to. My trusty primark shoes, I've been wearing these literally everyday, they are just so comfortable, highly recommend you checking them out. Unfortunately my camera decided to freak out and lines started to appear on the pictures after these few so I couldn't take a close up of my bracelet which I got from forever21 the other week, but no worries (cause i'm sure you all are worried...) it will probably make an appearance in other OOTD's.

And what I'm bringing to the picnic. Multi coloured cupcakes! yaaaay! A post on how to make them will be up shortly. Super simple, i'm sure most of you know how to anyway.
It couldn't be better weather for a picnic, sooo sunny. Right I'm off, need to pack my bag with sunscreen, blankets and food.

Baaayyeee xxxx


  1. That dress is really pretty and your cat is so cute!
    Looking forward to seeing how to make those cupcakes.

    Hannah x

    1. Every time I set up the camera to take pictures she always just trots out from nowhere and want to be in them Lol xx