Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Beautiful Creatures book review

I stumbled across this book when I was watching t.v. and the trailer for the film came on, and I thought it looked bloody amazing, so I immediately reserved it at my library.
Whenever I see a film coming out and its based on a book, I always try to read the book before I see the film because I want to know the characters better and the relationships between them, because it doesn't always show that in a film.

The book follows Ethan Wate, a boy who lives in Gatlin, a small southern town. 'Gatlin was Gatlin. The neighbors kept watch from their porches in the unbearable heat..but there was no point. Nothing ever changed. Tomorrow would be the first day of school, my sophomore year..and I already knew everything that was going to happen-where I would sit, who I would talk to, the jokes, the girls, who would park where.'
He is starting to get fed up living in a small town where everyone knows everyone. Until a mysterious girl, Lena Duchaness moves into town, and Ethan Wate feels he is being drawn to her, and everything he thought he knew about the world changes when he meets her.

I did like reading this book, and I was intrigued enough to read it to the end to see what happens, buut it wasn't one of those books that I couldn't put down. I think the only reason is because the story was following a boy, Ethan Wate. And for some reason I can't get attached to the character when its a boy :/ I don't know why. Does anyone else feel that way, or is it just me? lol
But if you don't have a problem with who the main character is then I think you would really enjoy this book, because it is a really good story. 

If you click here it will take you to an interview with the authors, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. 

Signing out, Kim! xxx

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  1. This book looks good! I've actually just read a review of this - so it's weird that I've just found your blog with a post about it! I can't wait to read it myself :)

    Christina x

    1. Lol its fate, you definitely have to read it now :) x