Tuesday, 18 December 2012

How To: Christmas Nails

All you're going to need is; whatever colour nail polish you want to use and some tooth picks. Simple pimple. Although if you have fancy pants nail equipment to make it neater then I approve of you using that.

This is basically all you do. The only hard bit is steadying your hand so it doesn't smudge but once you get the hang of that its plain sailing from there my friend. 

If you can't really see the pictures because they're a bit blurred, (or maybe that's just my eyes) you blob a bit of nail polish  on to something, -in my case I used my camera box- then you get your tooth pick, dip it into the blob (haha blob is such a weird sounding word) and create whatever fancy Christmas design your heart desires. By using the tooth pick, it gives you more precision.

I hope that everyone reading this is having a splendid December and getting in to the Christmas spirit!
All of my crimbo decorations are up and I am now waiting for this Saint Nick guy to show up with goodies.

Swerving completely off track here but the last couple of days I have been causing all sort of mischief by tapeing a strip of sellotape to my brothers door and waiting for him to walk into it and see him jump back in surprise. hahah if you have any siblings I HIGHLY recommend you try this out!!

Signing out, Kim! xx

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