Saturday, 12 March 2016

My new floppy hat.

I think I might be a bit late to the big floppy hat trend but I feel late is better than never. 

I got this little gem for sale at Peacocks for a meager £3 and seeing as I love the colour burgundy (matching boots) I couldn't really say no. 

I've  been meaning to get out and take some pictures for quite a while and I thought my hat would give me the perfect excuse. And of course old Ollie dog had to get in.

 The weather cannot decide what it wants to do at the moment. Yesterday I woke up to a frosty morning and it turned into a lovely sunny day, though not the warmest. And today it is very chilly and overcast so I layered up!

Hat - Peacoks
Jacket - New Look, I've had it for years.
Jumper - River island
Dress - H&M
Tights - Ark website
Boots - New Look

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