Sunday, 21 February 2016

Sick with the flu?

So my ever so lovely nephew came over the other week with a cold that has hit nearly everyone like a ton of rocks. First it was me and my dad that suffered the first wave then my brother (my nephews dad) then my mum and then finally my boyfriend. 

I thought I was eventually getting over it considering it has been over a week since it first punched me in the sinuses but its managed to claw its way back to my throat leaving it all dry, scratchy and sore.

I thought i'd give you a few pointers which have helped me relieve the pain and feel somewhat better... 

1. Eat Bananas! They will give you a boost of energy and restore lost potassium in your body.

2.  Add citrus fruits such as oranges and lemon to water. My boyfriend added a little bit of  honey to it as well and all of it combined helped soothe my scratchy throat
3. Vitman C tablets if you don't want to always eat the fruits. One of these added and dissolved in a glass of water will hopefully lead to a speedy recovery as it boosts the immune system.

4. If you have a scratchy throat one option that helped came from my boyfriends mum, warmed milk with a little bit of melted butter mixed with honey. This was surprisingly very nice and soothed my sore throat but I would suggest making maybe half a mugs worth as it can taste quite sickly and sweet after a while. 

5. Take a shower or a very relaxing bath. It is so easy if you have taken the day off work or school to just sit in your dressing gown all day watching tv but I find this can sometimes make you feel worse. Getting all cleaned and pampering yourself (if you can summon the energy to do so) can really help you feel refreshed and slightly better.

6. Last but not least, get some fresh air. Sitting indoors all day really made me feel even more stuffy and constricted. You don't have to go on a walk or anything too strenuous, but throwing on a coat, a hat, and scarf and just sitting in your garden breathing in fresh air goes a long way.

So these are just a few suggestions apart from the obvious cold and flu medicines to hopefully perk you up a bit if you are suffering like half of my family. 

Listening to a soft easy song while taking that relaxing bath will do wonders as well, I suggest any Bon Iver song, this one is called Holocene.

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