Sunday, 3 July 2016

Succumbing to the almighty iPhone

Now I've never been opposed to the iPhone but I have always seen them as over priced and not worth the money.
 BUT my Nokia Lumia was due for an upgrade and it was slowly dying on me so I found the iPhone5s on Tesco mobile for £17 a month which I thought wasn't a bad price, only £7 more than my contract now. So yesterday I made my way down to Tesco and walked out with a spanking new phone.

I'm slowly getting to grips with it and thought I would share some of the photos I have been taking with it today.

This little bit of green haven is my mum and dads doing, there own little allotment in the back garden and this isn't even all of it, there are chickens and ducks that I couldn't fit in the picture. We've got so far strawberries and courgettes coming out of our ears. Soon we'll have the runner beans taking over.

This little spot is on the side of my dads shed and I walked past today and couldn't not take a picture, I mean look how cute it looks with the flowers and vintage tap.

And this is the big open field that our garden backs on to. Last year it was full of mama pigs and their little piglets but at the moment we think the farmers are growing wheat. 

Now this isn't to do with the iPhone but on the 1st my boyfriend bought us tickets for a birthday present to go see James Bay live! I didn't get many pictures but  if you haven't seen him live and are a fan of his music I would definitely recommend it, his voice sounds even better in person then on his album. His support act, Joseph, 3 sisters from Oregon I think they said were amazing too, got there album on my new phone!

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