Saturday, 8 October 2016

Long awaited Autumn!

I think every single blogger/YouTuber that I follow has an undying love for Autumn (or fall if you're from America.) And I am unashamedly the same. There is just something so welcoming about it. The fresh crisp smell in the air, the leaves turning a beautiful golden/red colour and the comfort in sitting inside reading a good book or watching a comforting film.
 For me the Harry Potter films are always so much better watching them when its cold and windy outside.
Another great thing about Autumn is obviously the fashion and I am loving the burnt orange colour that seems to be everywhere. I got this turtle neck jumper from Peacocks.

This colour seems to really bring out the warmth in your face and I think it would suit any skin tone.

Here I am pairing with my ripped skinny jeans from F&F and leather jacket from Asos and when I'm feeling more fancy I'll throw on my hat from H&M.

I'm trying to get more into photography recently and the changing of seasons is really inspiring me to whip out the camera.

These were captured early in the morning. Theres something quite eery about thick fog.

This photo was taken about two years ago but I still love it.

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