Thursday, 22 September 2016

Exploring the local countryside.

Recently me and my boyfriend decided to explore one of the local country parks near where we live.

I would have loved to ride a bike around to get to further areas but as we were only walking and it was a surprisingly really hot day for the end of September we didn't go far into the countryside. But the little we did see was very pretty, you forget about the town that's just five minutes down the road.

My monkey man. 

I'm glad we went to visit while summer still lingered, with all the foliage bursting at the seams.
Though I think this place would just look as pretty with snow covering the trees and a frost hovering above the lake. 
We will just have to come back in December, when hopefully a bit of snow will fall.


  1. I love exploring the local countryside, i live right in the sussex downs so theres always so much to explore! This looks like a lovely day, and some really cute shoots as well xx

    Dana |

    1. Oh wow so lot's of beautiful countryside to explore, and Thankyou :) xx